18th Century

At the end of the 18th century, the owners of the hacienda were

Spanish miners formed by the Aveleira family.

19th Century 

In 1813 the Argentine military Francisco de Paula Otero comes to Tarma. He marries Petronila, daughter of the Aveleira and arms a small army to fight alongside General Jose de San Martin.

Once the campaign was over, Francisco de Paula Otero was appointed political-military governor of Tarma's mayoralty.

Later, Francisco de Paula Otero fights in different battles such as Junín and Ayacucho, which leads him to be named a General of Division of the Libertador Government and first prefect of Arequipa.

20th Century

In 1927, the hacienda was acquired by Esteban Gandolfo Peschiera, an Italian merchant, who became famous in the local market for his activities in agriculture and livestock.


Silvio in the Rosedal

Esteban was a great friend of the famous Peruvian writer Julio Ramón Ribeyro, who used to visit the hacienda very often, thus dedicating his most famous work, Silvio en el Rosedal, to Don Esteban.

In 1973, the Ministry of Culture declared

the hacienda La Florida a historic monument

At present

José Da-Fieno Gandolfo, supported by his German wife. is the manager of the Hacienda today, dedicating it to agriculture and ecological (tourist) accommodation for travellers from all over the world.


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